Tampa Bay’s First Street Mural

Hi there!

Just wanted to do a quick post on the amazing experience I had this weekend!

This past Saturday, July 15th, 2017, I had the pleasure of working with an outstanding community in Tampa, FL. We came together and created a large street mural in the South Seminole Heights neighborhood in Tampa, FL. This was Tampa’s first street mural, which has been years in the making, and I will have to say I think it was a great success! I also have to say that I was completely honored to be chosen as the mural design winner. So thank you so so much to everyone who voted for the mandala design!

Anyway, the event was wonderfully organized by SSHCA president Stephen Lytle, and could not have taken place without his efforts, the Florida DOT, and the numerous participants from the neighborhood (including children!). I think that involving the whole neighborhood in the installation was really what made this street mural such a great event. It makes the mural special and gives it more sentimental value, which is something that I am all about. It was also an honor to witness new relationships and bonds being formed over the creation of artwork. Several people who were walking by stopped to ask what we were doing, and a few even joined in on the painting process. It was quite the experience!

Here is an article highlighting the event, with an excellent video created by T.J. Couch, Jr.

Tampa’s First Street Mural

If you are looking to do a community project such as this one, or any sort of community strengthening art installation, please feel free to contact me:

Catherine Thomas

Email:     mantras.mandalas@gmail.com

I would love the opportunity to design future murals and/or work alongside other communities and neighborhoods looking to strengthen their communities and create safer, more beautiful home and/or work environments.

With gratitude,


Other articles relating to the event:



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